Manage learning lines

For the portfolio you want to add or adjust learning lines/tags.

Under 'Admin' there is the submenu 'Tags'.

If you click on a tag (or on the plus sign in front of it) it expands and you see underlying tags.

Add a tag

Adding tags can be done in two ways. You can click the 'Add Tag' button or if you want to put a tag under another tag, click the '+' button to the right of the tag. After this the tags form appears.

The name of the tag is a required field. Here you choose, for example, 'Language' or 'Math' or 'the I line'.

With this falls under you can indicate under which tag the new tag falls. For example, 'Reading comprehension' falls under 'Language'.

With grade you can indicate to which age, year, level or group this learning line belongs (for example: 'group 1'). This is not mandatory, but when you use it, it will be reflected in the reports. This gives better insight into where the student stands.

You can quickly change the order of the tags by dragging and dropping them.

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