Help students plan, collect and share

With Bordfolio students can easily plan activities, collect work and share it with others.

Prepare assignments, collect work and record the learning process

Easily add photos, film or a paper to the student's portfolio.

Quickly gain insight into the work and competences of students

Organize the portfolio as best suits your school.

Prepare assignments for effective online education.


Easily plan activities for day or week

Organize students or let students plan their own activities.

Teachers and students can quickly see which choices have been made.

Make a schedule for one group or for an entire unit or several classes.


Communicate with parents, on school, group or individual level

Parent communication that works just as well as the portfolio and planboard.

Quickly post photos and news items from any phone, tablet or computer.

Put a study day or other activity on the agenda of the class, group or school and automatically share with parents.

Send newsletters and surveys.


What makes Bordfolio unique?

Integrated learning lines/goals

Everything within Bordfolio can be linked to one or more learning lines/goals: appointments, assignments, activities, assessments and work in the portfolio.
This way you can see the development of the student very nicely.

Tailored for your school

Together we configure Bordfolio so that it fits your school: learning lines/goals of your school, determine which parts to use, who can do what and more.

For and with teachers

Bordfolio is designed for and with teachers. Everything is made to make it as easy as possible for you.
Will you join us?


Bordfolio is available in Dutch and English, but other languages are also possible.

Video support

Assignments, portfolio or planning board, you can attach multiple files to everything, including video.
Just upload in the app and done, without YouTube or other third party.

Works across groups

For example, create a separate group for students who are not yet very good readers.
Or create an activity that can only be chosen by children in a plus class.

Privacy by design

We think privacy is a fundamental right, especially for children, and so we take this into account from day one in everything we do.


Ask other users, Bordfolio is fast and always available. If you can't figure it out, a friendly team is standby ready to help.

Continuously in development

Teachers' desires are the basis for continuous improvement. If something can't be done, we'll look into whether we can

Everything in one app

Everything in one app offers advantages, for example: student submits work for assignment, work is immediately available in the portfolio and linked to the correct learning goal.

What users say about Bordfolio:

Choosing with the planboard saves a lot of time. It is also nice that I can later on see what choices the children have made.

Priscilla, teacher group 2/3, Kindcentrum Snijders

It is very accessible for students and teachers. We can organize it completely to our liking.

Danielle, teacher group 0/1/2, Westwoud

What a beautiful product you have developed. Really very useful.

Marjan van Baekel-Kan,

We are very excited about Bordfolio and your responsive communication and accommodating our needs.

Maurice Ermen, teacher De Uitvinding

It is nice for the children that they can take a picture of their work and then just take home the work they are proud of.

Sjoerd, teacher group 4/5, Kindcentrum Snijders

You can immediately see what, which student is currently working on.

Margo, teacher Munnikenheide College, VMBO-school

Bordfolio works very nicely, is fast and always works.

Steve, docent OPDC Almere

An indispensable tool for us is Bordfolio. Thanks to Bordfolio, we have insight into which students are going to do (and have done) what anytime, anywhere. We believe that Bordfolio makes it possible to provide personalized education.

Irene, teacher Munnikenheide College, VMBO-school

Great that my daughter now takes home the tests she takes. Now we can more clearly see how things are going at school. This rather than having to wait for a portfolio conversation at school.

Mother of a student group 7

Bordfolio provides many possibilities, students can log in themselves, easily share with parents, orderly

Jacqueline, teacher group 7/8, OBS de Sterrenboom

Uploading is very easy and provides an organized portfolio for children. It is important for kids to be able to show their portfolio at home as well, so the learning continues at home.

Jan-Willem, teacher group 8, de Hoeksteen

The children are very enthusiastic, they truly own their own portfolio. Students can add their own work, which saves the teacher a lot of time.

Bram, teacher group 7/8, Kindcentrum Snijders

Bordfolio in secondary education

At the Munnikenheide College students can choose there own pace en level.

Bordfolio in primary education

Jan Bos, school principal of primary school De Bras explains how they work with, among others Bordfolio.

We care about your privacy

We consider privacy to be a fundamental right. We therefore store as little of your data as possible.

In security scans from both Mozilla and Qualis we score an A or higher.

We adhere to the 'Model Processor Agreement v4' of the 'Privacy Covenant for Education' in accordance with the AVG and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

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Available anytime and anywhere

Bordfolio can be used on any smartphone, tablet, digiboard, Mac and PC.

Download the app for iPhone/iPad or Android.

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