Create assignments

As a teacher you want to prepare assignments for students

With assignments you can give students an instruction. Students see the assignments and can upload their work here. The work will then automatically appear in their portfolio with the assignment title. Also, the tags of the assignment are automatically linked to the work.

Fill in details

The name is always placed above an assignment. This is a required field.

You can enter a more detailed part in the description.

The due date is also a required field. After the date has passed, students can no longer submit work.

Tags are used to organize the portfolio. You can assign one or more tags to each assignment. When submitted by the student, the tags are automatically associated with the work.

Finally, you link students to the assignment. Any student associated with the assignment can view the assignment. The student gets to work and can then hand in the work done by uploading it.


When you save the assignment, students will receive an email notification. (under the condition that you have a paid account and that notifications are turned on, see My profile -> Notifications at the bottom of the page).

Students will also receive a notification when the due date changes. They also receive periodic notifications with open assignments.

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