Adding to the portfolio

A student has made a beautiful drawing and you want to add it to the portfolio

Uploading a file

To add something to the portfolio, click on the green button. You can then choose the file you want to upload. We support more than 20 file formats, including: images (jpeg, gif, png), videos (mpeg, mp4 and quicktime), sound files (mp3, m4a, wav, wma) and documents (pdf, rtf, pages, numbers, keynote, word, power point).

After choosing the file it will be uploaded automatically.

Fill in details

While the file is being saved, you can fill in the details.

The title is always above an item. This is a required field.

You can enter more text in the description.

Tags are used to organize the portfolio. You can give each piece of work one or more tags. This way you can easily organize and find everything. The tags are often set up on the basis of learning lines/goals, so you link the work directly to a learning line.

Finally, you choose one or more students to whose portfolio you want to add this work.

Click on save to save the changes.

Upload by students themselves

Uploading as a student works exactly the same.
There is, however, one difference: a student cannot choose portfolios from other students. Everything that is uploaded will be placed in the student's own portfolio.

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