Working with learning lines

Learning lines (or Tags) in Bordfolio can be completely managed for each school. You can make them as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Learning lines have a tree structure that allows you to structure the learning lines. An often used structure is to create a separate learning line for each group. For example 'Group 1', 'Group 2', etc. Below that you can put for example 'I line' and 'Art and movement'.

Only the 'leaves' of the tree structure can be linked to work in the portfolio. In the example below these are 'Painting' and 'Drawing'.

Link learning lines to work in the portfolio

Everything a student or teacher places in the portfolio can be linked to a learning line. Both students and teachers can link a learning line by selecting it when uploading. Work can be linked to one or more learning lines.

Search with learning lines

Learning lines can be used to quickly find the right work. For example, you can search on the learning line 'Maths'. Bordfolio then only shows the work that is linked to the 'Maths' learning line.

Overview in the reports dashboard

As a teacher you can see how a student's portfolio is structured in terms of learning lines. After selecting a student you can click on the heading 'Progress'. Here we show all the work grouped by learning line.

You can zoom in deeper on the learning lines by clicking on the spheres. If you zoom in further, you can also see the work that is linked.

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